Behold the humble towel, the unsung hero of our daily ablutions! This towel, with its minimal art lines that suggest a beautiful bum outlined, is not just an ordinary towel. It is a metaphor for the beauty of simplicity, the power of suggestion, and the triumph of understated elegance.

Wrapped around your waist after a hot bath, laid out on a sandy beach, or draped over a chaise lounge at the spa, this towel is a true companion in your pursuit of leisure and luxury. Its super soft, extremely absorbent material, and lush cotton loop backing make it a delight to use, while its one-sided print speaks volumes about your appreciation for minimalist art.

So, embrace the beauty of the simple life with this towel, and let it remind you that sometimes, less is more, and that the subtlest hints of beauty can make the biggest impact. After all, isn’t life itself just a series of suggestive lines and curves, waiting to be interpreted and appreciated by those who seek them?

At home, spa or on the beach – these super soft and extremely absorbent bath towels can be used everywhere! One-sided print, polyester facing with cotton loop backing for extra lush absorbency.

.: 50% Polyester 50% Cotton
.: White cotton loop backing
.: Soft and absorbent
.: One-sided print
.: Note: Pre-constructed item. Size variance: +/- 1.2″

Weight N/A


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