Top 7 Minimal Art Instagram Accounts

Top 6 Minimal Art Instagram

In the visually saturated world of Instagram, minimal art serves as a much-needed oasis of simplicity and serenity. A focus on clean lines, bold colors, and refined visual language, minimal art is the perfect antidote to digital clutter. To help you curate a more aesthetically pleasing and tranquil Instagram feed, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 minimal art accounts you absolutely must follow.

Less is More: Why Follow Minimal Art on Instagram?

Minimalism is about embracing the essence of things and celebrating the beauty of simplicity. By following minimal art accounts on Instagram, you’ll not only indulge in a daily dose of artistic inspiration, but also cultivate a mindset that values intentionality and clarity.

The Top 7 Minimal Art Instagram Accounts to Follow


Shira Barzilay’s art under @koketit reflects a minimalist approach while conveying deep philosophical musings on the world. Follow her for captivating mixed media art that offers a unique perspective on our reality.


Pablo’s essential minimal art captivates with elegant, swift lines and embraces the profound philosophy of minimalism. @linesbypablo is an absolute must-follow.


Alexandria Coe’s minimalist drawing style conveys a deep philosophical message that challenges societal norms and gender stereotypes. Follow @alexandria_coe for thought-provoking art that explores the relationship between the body, society, and ourselves.


Regards Coupables uses a minimalist approach to create erotic illustrations that explore human sexuality, desire, and intimacy. Follow @regards_coupables for bold and sensual art that challenges taboos and pushes boundaries in a thought-provoking way.


Anya-Lee Temple’s self-portrait illustrations promote self-love and body positivity through minimalistic lines and a focus on personal representation. Follow @anyaleeart for a message of self-acceptance conveyed through distinctive, pink-hued artwork.


Petite Luxures’ minimalist erotic illustrations focus on intimate moments between individuals, exploring themes of desire and pleasure. Follow @petitesluxures for the artist’s distinctive style and thought-provoking subject matter. The art offers a unique perspective on human sexuality and intimacy.


Nicole, is a minimalist artist who creates black and white illustrations of women using clean lines in Adobe Illustrator. Her art is inspired by strong-minded women and real-life women, and she hopes to bring happiness to her viewers through her work. Follow @ellehell for minimalist art that celebrates women and offers a unique perspective on female empowerment.

Top 7 Minimal Art Instagram: Simplicity in Square Format

In a world where visual overload is the norm, these minimal art Instagram accounts offer a welcome respite from the chaos. By following these talented artists, you’ll immerse yourself in a world of simplicity and beauty that can inspire you to lead a more mindful, intentional life.

So, don’t hesitate and hit that follow button – your Instagram feed (and your soul) will thank you!

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